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IC Careers

Maxim. Where Innovation Thrives.

Join our team and experience Maxim Integrated – a highly successful, $2.5 billion company with offices and manufacturing sites around the world. We develop the high-performance analog and mixed-signal electronic devices that are in the latest cars, smartphones, wearables, hearables, gaming devices, robots, the cloud, and more. But that doesn’t tell the story about who we are.


You see, at our core, we’re innovators. And we’ve created a culture where innovation thrives, a place where bold thinking, teamwork, growth and community involvement are recognized and rewarded. From the day we first opened our doors 35 years ago, we’ve attracted and nurtured some of the best problem solvers, creative thinkers, and team players in the business. Every day, we’re empowering design innovation and overcoming the toughest engineering challenges, enabling our customers to create the solutions that define and shape our world.

Want to make a difference and be challenged every day? Then come to Maxim and be part of a team that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.

We are an equal opportunity employer and comply with applicable federal and state reporting requirements related to the monitoring of our recruitment processes. Applicants are considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity, disability, veterans, and/or military status.

Worldwide Candidate Privacy Notice (PDF)

Corporate Responsibility

To find out how Maxim acts responsibly, operates sustainably, builds inclusive workplaces and contributes to the communities in which employees work and live, visit our Corporate Responsibility page or download the 2019 Maxim Corporate Responsibility Report.


Development Planning – Every achievement begins with a plan.

Maxim's Development Planning process helps employees achieve career growth and success by encouraging them to identify career goals and take the steps necessary to achieve them. It encourages employees to own their individual development. Through the process, employees work with their managers to develop an Individual Development Plan based on strengths, opportunities for development, interests, and career goals.

MaximU – Continual learning available anywhere, everyday

Complementary to the Development Planning process is the need for the right tools and training. Maxim University, or MaximU, provides continual training to support individual development. A portal for accessing online training and registering for classroom courses, MaximU provides global access 24 hours a day to licensed content and customized self-paced courses.

Higher Education – Helping employees manage and continue their education

Maxim offers a tuition reimbursement program to encourage our employees to broaden their on-the-job knowledge, skills, and abilities. We believe that educational advancement will enhance Maxim's growth potential through the individual growth of employees.

Developing Professionals of Maxim (DPoM)

The Developing Professionals of Maxim (DPoM) group offers welcoming peers and helping hands to employees seeking to find their place within the company. DPoM‘s mission is to provide a platform for professional growth, personal development, local outreach, and social networking.

Women at Maxim

Around the world, Maxim has Women at Maxim employee resource groups focused on fostering the professional development of Maxim's female employees through peer mentoring, cross-functional collaboration, networking, and social opportunities. Events are attended by both women and men.

When you have a cool job, you absolutely love it. It doesn’t feel like work. And you know you’re making a critical contribution to the well-being of Maxim. Check out some of these cool job profiles at Maxim.

Jeff gladen


Jeff has a cool job at Maxim as a growth driver. He and his team are passionate people who want to do right by their customers and the company when it comes to addressing opportunities with the best technology solutions.

Ratna Dasari


Ratna has a cool job at Maxim as a Doctor of Systems. She and her team support all the enterprise apps used by the company and BUs, including SAP and Tableau, across over 160 systems.

Chris Pritchett


Chris has a cool job at Maxim as supply chain maestro. He loves the challenge of making sure that our customers get what they want, when they want it.

Amber Willits


Amber has a cool job at Maxim as a university relations wiz. She gets to focus on discovering the most talented people by combing the collegiate ranks.

Greg Warder


Greg has a cool job at Maxim as a chief legal engineer. He heads a team that’s responsible for identifying, obtaining, and protecting IP rights for all the technology that Maxim invents.

Nam Wu


Miranda has a cool job at Maxim as an Applications Engineer for our Training and Technical Support (TTS) group in Beijing. She enjoys feeling like she’s Sherlock Holmes collecting clues and solving customer’s concerns.

Matt Lyon


Matt has a cool job at Maxim as Field Applications Engineer. He enjoys learning what different customers do, and how Maxim can help solve their design challenges.

Michio Ando


Michio has a cool job at Maxim as principal account executive. He meets with customer design engineers to understand their current and future integrated circuit needs.

Jeanne Quach


Jeanne has a cool job at Maxim as an analytics and SEO guru. She analyzes customer behavior on the site and optimizes content for the search engine, all of which improves Maxim's digital presence. In her spare time, she does nail art on instagram (@jeanne.with.a.bottle).

Dino Anderson


Dino has a cool job at Maxim as a diversity builder and leader. We believe engagement, global corporate culture, and respect for differences of perspectives are important aspects that help drive our company's health and success.

We strive to offer a culture and working environment where our employees can do their best work and feel valued for their contributions.

Core Values

Innovation comes from great—bold—ideas. Great ideas come from great people. Together, we shape these ideas into technology that solves real-world problems. Our corporate values drive the way we operate and interact on a daily basis. And we believe that living by them is necessary to achieving success. Click the image to see Maxim’s Core Values.

Maxim Pledge of Respect and Fairness

The Maxim Pledge of Respect and Fairness demonstrates our commitment to continually build and enhance an inclusive work environment. where our collective efforts leverage diverse points of view and enable us to realize superior solutions. The Pledge addresses diversity and inclusion, equal pay, no harassment and no retaliation.

Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

At Maxim, empowering design innovation means empowering diverse perspectives and ideas. We’re committed to providing equality of opportunity for all, protecting the dignity of employees, and promoting respect for others at work.

Rewards and Recognition

Maxim employees are rewarded and recognized in a variety of ways:

  • Our peer-to-peer recognition program, called Maxim Inspire, provides a mechanism for employees to recognize the outstanding achievements of their peers and to thank them for a job well done. Managers can award Maxim Inspire Points which may be redeemed for gift cards and other awards.
  • At every 5-year service anniversary, Maxim’s Service Award program recognizes employees with a personalized award.
  • Recognition bonus awards are distributed to individuals for above and beyond performance. Whether it's taking on new work outside your current job scope, filing a patent or publishing an article, Maxim makes it a point to highlight its stars.

Giving Back to Communities

Making a difference is ingrained in our culture and values. Company-sponsored campaigns and opportunities to give back are coordinated at Maxim sites globally, and employee requests that meet guidelines are considered. For more information on specifics, see our 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report.

Maxim provides compensation, benefits, and long-term savings packages that are market competitive and valued by employees.

Health Insurance

We offer all full-time employees and their families several healthcare options for vision, medical and dental care. Our insurance varies by location, and employees can choose an option that meets their individual needs.

Employee Wellness

Balancing the pressures of work and home can be challenging. That's why we offer many resources to help us keep a healthy balance in our lives. Beyond medical benefits, Maxim provides several programs to enhance employee wellness including:

  • Generous time-off programs for vacation, holidays and sick time
  • Paid parental leave
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Free, onsite biometric health screenings for employees and their spouses in the U.S and some international locations
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Onsite exercise rooms and/or weights at many of our facilities
  • Individual and team sports activities
  • Community awareness programs
  • Volunteer Time Off


Other Perks

Other competitive benefits available you may be eligible for include:

  • 401(k) Program
  • Post-Retirement Equity Vesting
  • Flexible Spending Accounts for Health Care, Dependent Care and Transportation
  • Health Savings Account, including company contribution
  • Life & Disability Insurance
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Other options depending on location



Paying for performance is at the core of our compensation philosophy. It’s designed to link compensation and opportunities to contribution and performance relative to peers, goals and expectations. Besides base pay, eligible employees also receive:

  • Merit and promotion pay: an annual increase based on contribution and/or new position
  • Annual bonus: based on contribution in relation to Maxim's success
  • Restricted Stock Units: company stock for eligible employees as part of their initial and ongoing rewards.

Recruiting Agency Policy

Maxim does not accept unsolicited resumes from external agencies with which we do not have an existing relationship. All vendors must have in place a signed standard recruiter agreement from the Maxim Staffing Team in order to provide placement services to Maxim and to receive payment for your placement. The agreement must be dated no later than one year previous to the date of résumé submission. Maxim will not be bound by any commitments, whether verbal or written, that are not contained in the agreement. Any résumés submitted to any employee of Maxim without a standard recruiter agreement in place will be considered property of Maxim.

While we do not have a need to add any new search firms at this time, you are welcome to send information to our Procurement Team.