Secure Computing

Systems that handle valuable data but lack high security access control need as much protection from malicious attacks as possible. End-point applications where third parties install or modify system components are the most likely opportunities for malicious activity. In these applications you need more than just secure communications, you need component verification, counterfeit protection and physical layer security. Embedded cryptographic algorithms can verify that system components are valid and genuine, and tamper detection ensures your data has not been compromised at the semiconductor level.

Our secure computing solutions help you easily protect, secure, and validate your entire computing infrastructure.


Mobile Financial Terminals

DeepCover® secure microcontrollers integrate advanced cryptography and physical security to offer the highest level of protection against side-channel attacks, physical tampering, and reverse engineering. Integrated secure NV SRAM is instantly erased when an intrusion is detected

DeepCover Secure Microcontrollers 

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Subsystem Authentication

Embedded electronic authentication ensures that sub-systems, accessories and attachments, used with or within a piece of equipment, are not counterfeit. By employing electronic authentication a manufacturer can more fully control the usage and performance of their products. Depending on the application, electronic authentication helps to maintain product reliability, accuracy, safety, and security and can also protect profit margins.

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Featured Products


The following block diagrams show where Maxim products fit into mobile financial terminals. Click on a block within a diagram to view recommended ICs.

Mobile Point-Of-Sale (MPOS) Terminal

Secure Microcontroller DC/DC Step-Up/Down Converter DC/DC Step-Up Converter USB Charger ESD Protection ESD Protection

Point-Of-Sale Terminal

Smart-Card Reader Magstripe Reader Power and Battery Management LCD Display Secure µC Security Manager Audio USB RS-232

Pin Pads and Kiosks

RS-232 RS-485 USB LCD Display Power Supply Smart-Card Interface Smart-Card Controller Secure Microcontroller Magstripe