Robust Protection

Protection Devices for Mission-Critical Applications

Robust protection ICs protect your systems from faults by maintaining and monitoring proper voltage, current, and temperature levels. High-protection supervisor ICs and voltage monitors accurately monitor key voltages while featuring wide input voltage ranges and consuming minimal power. This makes them useful in industrial, medical, communications, and portable applications. Precision temperature switches with ultra-low threshold accuracy support high-speed µP temperature monitoring. Ideal diodes have a reduced voltage drop that perform an order of magnitude better than Schottky diodes.

Common Uses:

  • Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • Vital Signal Patch
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging

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Robust Protection Applications

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Vital Signal Patch

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging

Robust Protection Solutions

Supervisors: Voltage Monitors/Pushbutton ICs

Voltage supervisors, also known as voltage monitors, continuously monitor your system supplies or power rails, alarming or gating off downstream systems in case of undervoltage or overvoltage situations. Reset ICs ensure microcontrollers or microprocessors and their peripherals are in a known safe state in case of power supply or software malfunction. Voltage supervisors and reset ICs protect system safety in different applications like battery-powered equipment, low-voltage systems, as well as industrial, automotive, consumer, portable, and wearable products.

Ultra-low-power, on/off pushbutton controllers accept noisy input from electrical, mechanical, or magnetic switches and produce clean, protected outputs to downstream systems. Pushbutton reset ICs generate clean, glitch-free reset outputs for microcontrollers or microprocessors, providing a safe running environment, or recovering systems from an error condition. These ultra-low-power pushbutton ICs guarantee smooth and user-friendly system operation. They are widely used in different industrial and consumer applications as well as wearable and medical products.

Voltage Supervisors

Ideal Diodes/Voltage References

The ideal diode employs an architecture that senses the input and output voltages of two back-to-back p-channel MOSFETs to provide overvoltage protection with ideal-diode characteristics. When forward biased, the two pFETs have a voltage drop that is much lower than a traditional blocking diode. During reverse-battery fault conditions, the two pFETs are turned off to prevent reverse current flow. These devices are well-suited for automotive applications that require overvoltage protection and very low voltage drop during cold-crank conditions and any other application where a standard diode or Schottky diode needs to protect adjacent circuits.

Our industry-leading portfolio of shunt and series voltage reference ICs offer low-noise, high-accuracy, and excellent long-term stability performance for a wide range of applications. These devices include small package options for space-constrained applications, low-power options for portable and handheld devices, and low temperature coefficients for high-precision applications.

Ideal Diode
Voltage References

Isolator ICs

Isolator ICs, also called isolation ICs, provide complete galvanic isolation between two power domains. Isolator ICs protect circuits from high common-mode transients and faults while eliminating ground loops. Isolator ICs are commonly used in industrial communications and medical applications.

Digital signal isolator products provide up to 5kV of isolation and help support ultra-fast data rates. Digital isolators are replacing optocouplers in many applications because they offer the same isolation capability while reducing power requirements and using less board space. Isolator products are available for use with many industry communication standards.

Isolator ICs

Temperature Sensor ICs

Accelerate your temperature sensor design by reducing hardware and software complexity for wearable electronics such as wrist watches, medical patches, and smart clothing. Digital thermometers accurately and quickly measure skin temperature for wearable technologies. When compared to discrete sensors, integrated solutions offer clinical grade accuracy with the lowest power consumption and the smallest size. Temperature sensors include flexible fitness and medical wearable assembly options.

Temperature Sensors

Real-Time Clocks

Real-time clock (RTC) ICs are used in electronic circuits to keep track of time relative to the “real” world while rendering robust protection. Maintaining accurate time is critical, especially under periods of severe system stress or when the power of the main device is off. During these times, RTCs with robust protection must provide tough performance, often drawing power from an auxiliary battery or supercapacitor. As expected, power consumption is a key factor in most real-time clock designs, in addition to accuracy, ruggedness, and small package size. Most modern RTCs reduce the number of pins required by supporting a serial interface. We offer a wide variety of highly accurate, low-power, small-package, and MEMS (microelectromechanical systems)-based RTCs to suit any of your solution needs.

Real-Time Clocks

Robust Protection Design Resources

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