Wellness Watch


With lower power and smaller batteries, medical devices are becoming more wearable. And with new levels of integration—including precision analog mixed with low-power, ARM®-based micros—they’re also more accurate and capable.

The Wellness Watch is a low-power, highly integrated wearable health platform in a sleek, wrist-worn package, incorporating components from Maxim’s wellness platform. Built around Maxim’s family of medical microcontrollers, the Wellness Watch monitors heart rate, oxygen level, movement, position, temperature, and mood response. In addition to measuring body vital signs, the Wellness Watch has built-in security that authenticates the owner as the only user, encrypting private information and protecting against tampering attacks. The future of preventative medicine starts with monitoring, and Maxim’s Wellness Watch is the portable, preventative solution for a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Measurement Microcontroller Reset Power Management NFC Port Inertial Measurement Sensor Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Sensor (Watch Back) Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Sensor (Watch Face)