Design Tools and Models

Simplify and shorten your design process using our proven simulation models, CAD files, online calculators, and product selectors. Let the online EE-Sim Design Tool design and simulate your power circuit in minutes—save even more time by pinpointing the best switching regulator for your requirements with the EE-Sim® Solution Finder. To further vet your design before committing to hardware, download the EE-Sim OASIS Simulator (includes both SIMPLIS and SIMetrix SPICE).

Also see an index of Analog Devices’ Design Tools.

EE-Sim Design Tools

Try the industry’s easiest path to a working power design! These award winning tools enable a novice to quickly and confidently deliver a working design, while expert users can explore design nuances using advanced features.

EE-Sim OASIS Simulator

The free EE-Sim® OASIS Simulator includes both the SIMPLIS® simulation engine, which is the industry’s leading simulator for switched-mode power ICs, and the SIMetrix SPICE simulation engine, known for its robust and speedy convergence.


Simulate your circuit to finish your design faster—and to know that it works.


General engineering calculators for data acquisition systems, RF applications and system reliability.

CAD & Layout

PCB footprints, schematic symbols, and 3D step models are available for most Maxim Integrated parts.

EE-Sim Solution Finder

Enter your design requirements and see which single rail non-isolated switching converters are recommended based on solution size, cost, and efficiency.


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