EE-Sim Design and Simulation Tools

Try the industry’s easiest path to a working power design! These award winning tools enable a novice to quickly and confidently deliver a working design, while expert users can explore design nuances using advanced features.

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DC-DC Design Tool

The EE-Sim® DC-DC Converter Tool uses your requirements to quickly create a complete power design including a schematic, BOM with commercially available parts, and time and frequency domain simulations.

  • Easy to use with rich functionality for designers of any expertise level
    • Simple interface empowers novice users
    • Advanced capabilities enable sophisticated tasks by expert users
    • Easy modification and extensive control of simulation settings
  • Produces trusted designs
    • Recompensates control loop after circuit changes
    • VBIAS capacitor values deliver realistic designs
  • Fast end-to-end design process
    • Ability to track changes and compare design versions
    • Best-in-class waveform viewer
    • Built and tested reference designs provided for copying and modification

New Capabilities

  • Recalculate compensation after component changes
  • Set component derating values
  • Calculate component power dissipation
  • Simulate user defined line transients
  • Simulate AC and Steady State with user defined line and load settings
  • Compare two designs
  • Create custom user plots and reports
  • Export schematic, BOM, and plots in multiple file formats

System Power Features

  • Design power for multi-rail and multi-load systems
  • Upload Xilinx XPE and Altera EPE spreadsheets with a click
  • Parametrically filter recommended DC-DC parts to find the best solution
  • Design and simulate DC-DC converter blocks in just minutes

OASIS Free Offline Simulation Engine

Learn more about Maxim’s OASIS Simulator powered by SIMPLIS/SIMetrix Technology.

Help and Information

Visit the EE-Sim® Resources page for links to the User Manual, a video overview, and instructive tutorial videos.

How to Design a Power Supply in Five Minutes or Less with the EE-Sim® Design Tool
6:28 May 26, 2018

Award-Winning Tool

2018 Golden Mousetrap Award Finalist—Design Hardware & Software

2017 CEM Editors’ Choice Award