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Pick a Plug ’n’ Play Linearizer for Your 5G RF Power Amplifier
In this design solution, we present the features and benefits that 5G telecommunications technology promises to bring and the associated demands that these will place on RF power amplifier (PA) designs. We then review the most commonly used PA linearization techniques, assessing their suitability to meet these demands before presenting a low-power linearizer IC with the potential to greatly simplify the design of PAs used in 5G network applications, while also reducing power consumption.

Featured parts: SC1905

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Make Your Automotive Dual USB Type-C Power Delivery Design Cool and Flexible


This design solution reviews the challenges of designing an automotive dual USB Type-C power delivery system. The module temperature rise must be below 40°C. The automotive battery voltage undergoes wide swings. The data lines must be adequately protected, and the design must be flexible and adaptable to different form factors. A buck-boost controller IC and a protection IC chipset enable a small and flexible module that must operate within allowed thermal limits.

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Make Wearable and IoT Audio Effortless with a Plug'n'Play Class D Amplifier


Discover a tiny self configuring Class D digitial audio amplifier that provides wearable and IoT devices with maximum audio quality with minimum effort.

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Preserve and Seal in Battery Freshness


Get the portable instruments out-of-the-box experience with Battery Freshness Seal Pushbutton On/Off Controller.

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