Using GMSL SerDes Devices in a Dual Automotive Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Application

By: Craig Sakamoto

Abstract: Maxim's gigabit multimedia serial link (GMSL) solution serializes digital video and audio data across a single twisted-pair cable. In addition, an integrated bidirectional control channel enables a single microcontroller (µC) to program the serializer, deserializer, and all connected peripherals. For typical applications, this eliminates the remote-side microcontroller and its support components, such as a clock source/crystal and a low-voltage power supply. This not only simplifies the design of the remote device, but also reduces the cost, size, and power consumption as well. There are times, however, when a µC already resides on both sides of the link, due to other design requirements not related to the GMSL. This application note describes how to connect two µCs to control the GMSL.