LED Manufacturers' Web Sites

Abstract: The links below take you to world-wide LED manufacturers who maintain English-language websites and product data. Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement from Maxim.

This list will assist engineers who are choosing LEDs to accompany Maxim's LED display drivers and LED backlight drivers.

LED manufacturers are welcome to request to be included in this list by using the FEEDBACK link below. Please note that Maxim will only list manufacturers who actually build discrete packaged LEDs or LED segment/matrix displays comprising multiple LED dice. Maxim will not include LED distributors or value-added manufacturers who build LED products from LEDs manufactured by others.

Also see: Display Drivers and Display Power

LED Manufacturer Website
A-Bright Industrial Co Ltd www.a-bright.com.tw
Advanced Optoelectronic Technology Inc. www.aot.com.tw
American Bright Optoelectronics Corporation www.americanbrightled.com
American Opto Plus LED Corp. www.aopinc.net
APEX Science & Engineering Corp. www.apexgroup.com.tw
ATG Electronics www.atgelectronicsusa.com
AUK Corporation www.auk.co.kr/english/index.asp
Avago Technologies www.avagotech.com
Bivar, Inc. www.bivar.com
Bright LED Electronics Corp. www.brightled.com.tw/list
Bright View Electronics Co., Ltd www.bvled.com.tw
Chicago Miniature Lamp, Inc. www.chml.com
China Semiconductor Corporation www.csctw.com.tw
Citizen Electronics Co. Ltd www.c-e.co.jp/e/
Clairex Technologies, Inc. www.clairex.com
Cotco Holdings Ltd www.cotco.com
Cree Inc www.cree.com
CSENG Co. Ltd www.cseng.kr/english/e_led/cs_led01.html
CTL. Inc. www.ciontech.com/
Dain Electronic Co., Ltd www.dain.com.tw
Data Display Products www.ddp-leds.com
Dialight www.dialight.com
Diguang Electronics Co., Ltd www.diguang.com/
Dominant Semiconductors www.dominant-semi.com
Eastar Electronics Co., Ltd www.esdled.com
Eastern Technology Inc. www.eticom.co.kr/english/index.html
Edison Opto Corporation www.edison-opto.com.tw/
Enfis Ltd www.enfis.com
Epistar Corporation www.epistar.com.tw
ETR Electronics Co., Ltd www.etr.com.tw/eng/leds_led_displays/leds.htm
Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd www.everlight.com
Excellence Optoelectronics www.eoi.com.tw
Fairchild Semiconductor www.fairchildsemi.com
FAWOO Technology Co., Ltd. www.fawoo.com
Globe Technology (H.K.) Ltd www.globetec.net
Golden Valley Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd www.gvopto.com
Harvatek Corporation www.harvatek.com.tw/main.html
Highlight Optoelectronics Inc. www.highlightled.com.tw
Hi-Light Electronic Co. Ltd. www.hi-lightled.com.tw/english/
Huey Jann Electronics www.hueyjann.com.tw
Hui Yuan Electronic Factory www.hyledchina.com
Hunin Electronics Corp. www.hunin.co.kr/
IDEA, Inc. www.ledidea.com
ITSWELL Co., Ltd www.itswell.com/
Jiangsu Wenrun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd www.wenrun.com/
Jiann Wa Electronics Co., Ltd www.jiannwa.com.tw
Joinscan Electronics www.joinscan.com.tw
Kingbright www.kingbright-led.com
Kingsun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd www.kslights.com
Kouhi Technology (HK) Limited www.kouhi.com/02a.htm
Kwality www.kwalityindia.com
LedEngin, Inc. www.ledengin.com
LEDopto (AZ Displays) www.ledopto.com
Ledtech Electronics Corporation www.ledtech.net
LEDtronics www.ledtronics.com
Ledyoung Technology www.ledyoung.com.tw
Ligitek Electronics Co., Ltd www.ligitek.com
Lite-On www.liteon.com
Lucky Light Electronic Co., LTD. www.china-led-lights.com
Lumex www.lumex.com
Lumileds www.lumileds.com
LumiMicro Co. Ltd www.lumimicro.com/eng/index.html
Micro Electronics Ltd www.microelectr.com.hk/
Moksan Electronic www.moksan.co.kr
N-Hitech Co.,Ltd www.n-hitech.co.kr/eng/index.php
Nichia www.nichia.com
Ningbo Brightech Optoelectronics www.brightech-opto.com/english/index.asp
O H Technology Co. Ltd www.ohopt.com
Optek Technologies (TT Electronics) www.optekinc.com
Optoloco www.optoloco.com
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors www.osram-os.com
Paceleader Industrial Co., Ltd www.paceleader.com.tw/icm.php
Panasonic www.semicon.panasonic.co.jp/ds/e-index.html
Para Light Electronics Co., Ltd www.paraled.com
Photron LED www.photronled.com/
Power Light Electronic Co., Ltd www.powerlight.com.tw
Power Opto Co., Ltd www.poweropto.com.tw
Purdy Electronics (AND) www.purdyelectronics.com
Rohm www.rohmelectronics.com
Sanken Electric Co., Ltd www.sanken-ele.co.jp/en
Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd en.seoulsemicon.co.kr
Sharlight Electronics Co., Ltd www.sharlight.com
Sharp sharp-world.com/products/device/lineup/opto/index.html
Shenzhen Lanke Electronics Co., Ltd. www.gdled.com
Shenzhen Mason Technology Co., Ltd. www.mason-led.com/
Shian Yih Electronic Industry Co., Ltd www.shianyih.com/index.html
Sloan Company Inc. www.sloancorp.com
Stanley Electric Group www.stanley.co.jp
Super Bright Industrial Limited www.led.com.hk/set2.htm
Super Bright Optoelectronics Inc. www.sboopto.com/E-About.asp
Taiwan Oasis www.taiwanoasis.com.tw/products.html
Toshiba www.semicon.toshiba.co.jp/eng/index.html
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd www.toyoda-gosei.com/led/
Toyolite Technologies Corporation www.toyolite.com.tw/company.htm
United Epitaxy Company, Ltd. www.uec.com.tw/en/products/hsl.htm
UnitedPRO Inc. www.unitedpro.com
Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd www.unityopto.com.tw
UPEC www.u-pec.com
Vishay Telefunken www.vishay.com/leds/
Wilbrecht (LEDCO) www.wilbrecht.com
Wilycon Co., Ltd www.led-center.com
Yiow Chie Industrial Co., Ltd www.yiowchie.com.tw/profile.php