White Papers

Maxim's white papers provide timely discussions of technical topics, new technologies, and electronics industry trends.

Author Title Date
Husnu Hanayli Validation and Performance of a Wearable Heart-Rate Monitoring Algorithm 12/14/20
Maxim Integrated Algorithms Team Examining Interbeat Interval Measurement Capability of Wearable Health-Monitoring Algorithms 10/27/20
Kevin Schemansky Why Designing ICs from the Ground Up for Automotive Applications Matters 08/18/20
Szukang Hsien How Automotive Displays Can Comply with Functional Safety Requirements 08/11/20
Kristopher Ardis How Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) Technology Protects Embedded Systems 07/23/20
Anthony T. Huynh, and Nazzareno Rossetti Meeting the Power Management Challenges of the Smart Grid 03/17/20
Yin Wu, and Nazzareno Rossetti Meeting the Power Challenges of General Lighting Applications 01/21/20
Anthony T. Huynh Designing an Efficient and Low-Noise Power Supply for Sensors and Encoders 08/28/19
Chintan Parikh, and Nazzareno Rossetti Meeting the Power Challenges of ADAS 04/08/19
Yin Wu, and Nazzareno Rossetti Meeting the Power Management Challenges of Automotive Lighting 04/08/19
Eric Pittana, and Sami Nijim Generating Greater System Efficiency for Single- to Multi-Cell Battery-Powered Designs 03/22/19
Perry Tsao Simplifying Mobile USB-C Designs 03/21/19
Scott Jones, and Nathan Sharp Why Now is a Good Time to Secure Your Embedded Systems with SHA-3 02/26/19
Szu-Kang Hsien Simplifying the Design of Bigger, Higher Resolution Automotive Displays 02/07/19
Anil Telikepalli, and Nazzareno Rossetti Meeting the Power Challenges of the Smart Building 02/07/19
Anil Telikepalli, Nazzareno Rossetti, and Anthony T. Huynh Meeting the Power Management Challenges of the Smart Factory 02/07/19
Bakul Damle, and Georgy Zerkalov Optimizing Run-Time for Devices Powered by Lithium-Ion Batteries 01/24/19
Thong "Anthony" Huynh Meeting the Efficiency and Power Dissipation Needs of Space-Constrained Applications 10/23/18
Andrew Brierley-Green Navigating the GNSS Landscape for More Precise, Power-Efficient Receivers 08/20/18
Bill Hermann, Matthew Mowdy, and Brandon Xu Enhancing Battery Life and Audio Performance in Mobile Devices 07/26/18
Ari Vauhkonen Choosing the Right Automotive ICs for Next-Generation Vehicles 07/26/18
Warren Tsai, Jangho Jeon, Chintan Parikh, and George Chen Balancing Power Supply Requirements in ADAS Applications 07/17/18
Kristopher Ardis Powering the Next Generation of Smart Devices 06/26/18
Kristopher Ardis Securing the Next Generation of Smart Devices 06/26/18
Kristopher Ardis Adding Intelligence to the Next Generation of Smart Devices 06/26/18
Robert Gee CAN vs. RS-485: Why CAN Is on the Move 06/01/18
Matt Felder Designing Better, Simpler Audio Solutions with Dynamic Range Enhancement (DRE) 05/09/18
Perry Tsao How Secure Fuel Gauges Can Prevent Battery Counterfeiting 04/20/18
Scott Jones A Reverse-Engineering Assessment of a Secure Authenticator with PUF Technology 03/20/18
Scott Jones How Unclonable, Turnkey Embedded Security Protects Designs from the Ground Up 11/29/17
Cary Delano and Gaurav Mital SIMO Switching Regulators Extending Battery Life for Hearables and Wearables 11/17/17
Gregory Guez Why Hardware-Based Design Security is Essential for Every Application 11/09/17
Roland Dorn Choosing the Right High-Speed SerDes Technology for ADAS and Infotainment Systems 10/01/17
Bakul Damle Accurate Technology for Easy, Secure Fuel Gauging You Can Trust 06/12/17
Tom Bui Why Low Quiescent Current Matters for Longer Battery Life 12/06/18
David Andeen New Smart Energy Technology Boosts Battery Life for IoT Devices 05/04/17
Damian Anzaldo Wearable Sports Technology Market Landscape and SoC Trends 10/29/15
Maxim Integrated Solar Cell Optimization: Cutting Costs and Driving Performance 10/26/15
Suhel Dhanani Meeting the Integration Challenge in Programmable Logic Controllers 10/22/15
Roger Westberg Meeting the Integration Challenge in Smart Meters 10/22/15
Robert Nicoletti Next Generation Power Modules Further Simplify Power Design 10/14/15
Alec Makdessian The Bright New Outlook For LEDs: New Drivers, New Possibilities 05/18/15
Dan Dempsey Meeting Infotainment Power Demands 06/11/14
Kris Ardis Silicon, Security, and the Internet of Things 02/01/14
Kris Ardis Distribution Automation and the Smart Grid: Coming of Age with a New Set of Challenges 11/22/13
David Andeen Smart Grid Security: Recent History Demonstrates the Dire Need 02/11/13