Our secure microcontrollers provide ongoing protection for your digital assets and intellectual property (IP) against continuously emerging threats. Our secure MCU ICs employ FIPS-certified, hardware cryptographic engines which support industry-standard algorithms. Advanced cryptography, combined with physical layer security, means that when you select a secure microcontroller from our diverse offering, you are guaranteed the highest level of protection against side-channel attacks, physical tampering, and reverse engineering.

Other notable features of our secure microcontrollers include:

  • Integrated secure memory (NV SRAM) that is instantly erased when an intrusion is detected
  • Patented real-time code and data encryption that fully protects external memory
  • Hardware that conforms to EMV, PCI, and FIPS standards
  • Secure boot and ChipDNA™ PUF technology that protect IoT designs against hacker attacks

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Security Excellence Lab: DPA Attack Demo
2:09 April 18, 2019

How ChipDNA PUF Technology Protects Your Secrets
0:30 January 24, 2019

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April 04, 2017

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Featured Products

Part Number Core MCU Speed (MHz) Flash size RAM Size Smart Card Interface Contactless Card Interface Magnetic Card Interface ChipDNA PUF Secure Boot Crypto Support TLS Support
MAX32520 Cortex-M4F 120 2MB 136KB No No No Yes Yes Yes No
MAX32570 Cortex-M4F 150 1MB 760KB Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
MAX32561 Cortex-M3 108 1MB 384KB Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
MAX32560 Cortex-M3 108 1MB 384KB Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
MAX32552 Cortex-M3 108 1MB 384KB Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No
MAX32550 Cortex-M3 108 1MB 256KB Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No
MAX32555 Cortex-M3 60 512KB 96KB Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No

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Cortex®-M4 secure microcontroller provides secure boot and protection against physical tampering...