Our broad portfolio of battery charger ICs provide safe charging for 1- to 3-cell Li-Ion (Li+)/Li-Polymer, LiFeP04 NiMH/NiCd, lead-acid and rechargeable batteries of other chemistries in various sizes.

  • High-efficiency switching battery chargers provide fast-charging solutions up to 9A for high-capacity batteries.
  • Battery charger ICs with integrated fuel gauge offer small solution size and simplify the system software design.
  • USB Type-C chargers with integrated CC detection and BC1.2 detection offer a single-chip solution for USB Type-C and legacy USB systems.
  • USB-Type-C Power Delivery chargers operate across the 5V to 20V supporting the full range of USB-C Power Delivery while maintaining backward compatibility to legacy USB systems in a compact solution size .

Our battery chargers are suitable for use in popular applications such as AR/VR devices, DSLR cameras, mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) devices, wearables, Bluetooth® headsets, IoT devices, portable medical devices, mobile phones, tablets, industrial computers, and 2-in-1 computers.

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16:10 June 01, 2020

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6:30 July 06, 2020

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Application Note The Basics of USB Battery Charging: A Survival Guide

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Featured Products

Part Number Input Operating Range Charging Current Charger Type Charger Detection Supported Battery Type Buy/Sample EV Kit
1 Cell Charger with Fuel Gauge
MAX77818 CHGIN: 13.7V/WCIN: 5.9V 3A Switching Buck Charger with Integrated Fuel Gauge and Dual Inputs 1-Cell Li+ Buy/Sample Buy
1 Cell Chargers
MAX77975 3.8V to 19V 3.5A Switching Buck Charge 1-Cell Li+ Buy/Sample Buy
MAX77976 3.8V to 19V 5.5A Switching Buck Charge 1-Cell Li+ Buy/Sample Buy
MAX77751 13.5V 3A Standalone Switching Buck Charger USB Type-C
CC Detection/BC1.2
1-Cell Li+ Buy/Sample Buy
MAX77860 13.5V 3A Switching Buck Charger USB Type-C
CC Detection/BC1.2
1-Cell Li+ Buy/Sample Buy
MAX8971 7.5V 1.55A Switching Buck Charger 1-Cell Li+ Buy/Sample Buy
2-3 Cell Chargers
MAX77962 3.5V to 23V 3.2A Switching Buck-Boost Charger for USB-C Power Delivery 2-Cell Li+ Buy/Sample Buy
MAX77961 3.5V to 25V 6A Switching Buck-Boost Charger 2-3 Cell Li+ Buy/Sample Buy
MAX77960 3.5V to 25V 3A Switching Buck-Boost Charger 2-3 Cell Li+ Buy/Sample Buy
MAX14748 5.6V 2A Switching Boost Charger USB Type-C
CC Detection/BC1.2
2-Cell Li+ Buy/Sample Buy
USB-C PD Controller for Chargers
MAX77958 28V USB Type-C Power Delivery Controller USB Type-C
PD/CC Detection/BC1.2
Buy/Sample Buy

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MAXREFDES1263: True Wireless Stereo Cradle and Earbuds

This solution demonstrates a small size, low power, high effective, high accuracy power manageme...

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