Maxim Integrated's battery monitors, battery protectors, and battery selectors maximize battery life, while ensuring safe and reliable system operation.

Battery Monitors

Our integrated battery monitor ICs provide high accuracy measurements for precise voltage determination. The high cell count enables a flexible system architecture. Simultaneous sampling improves cell balancing and battery pack lifetime. Additional features of our battery monitor ICs include compreh...

Battery Protectors

Maxim's battery protector ICs enhance the useful operating life of lithium-ion batteries by monitoring individual cell voltages and by preventing over/undervoltage conditions. Our battery protector ICs also protect battery packs against charge current, discharge current, and pack short fault conditi...

Battery Selectors

Our battery selector ICs provide power-source control for dual-battery systems, enabling reduced system power consumption.

Battery Disconnect Switch

Our compact, bidirectional battery disconnect switch with ultra-low on-resistance is ideal for use in space-limited applications, such as smartphones and tablets.

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Technical Documentation

Technical Documents

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Are Your Car Battery Packs in Danger of Failing?

October 08, 2019

Learn how a new type of digital I/O IC that functions as a digital input (DI) and a digital output (DO) benefits Industry 4.0 applications.

Look Ma, the Battery Has Wheels!

October 01, 2019

Learn about an automotive smart sensor data acquisition IC that addresses concerns such as cell safety, diagnostics, and balancing for EV battery packs.


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    MAXREFDES179# Reference Design Board

    The MAXREFDES179 reference design is a complete Universal Serial Bus (USB) type-C PD solution fe...

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    Portable Supply Derives +5V and +3.3V Power from USB Port

    USB power is used to charge a Li+ battery. The Li+ battery voltage is stepped up to create the 5...

    Single-Cell Li+ Cradle Charger With A Linear AC Adapter

    How to design the simplest and lowest cost Lithium-ion (Li-ion) charger.

    Portable Devices Need High-Performance Battery Chargers

    Three techniques are shown for charging lithium-ion (Li+) batteries. Linear, switch-mode, and co...