Maxim's power-switching products simplify system power management by combining control logic with integrated power MOSFETs or drivers for external MOSFETs. These devices add monitoring and safety features such as overvoltage protection (OVP), short-circuit protection, and overtemperature protection.

Our power-switching products are used in USB applications, switch-mode power supplies, and other applications that require current-limiting and overvoltage protection.

Our MOSFET drivers and ORing FET controllers offer a compelling set of features, including highest operating voltages, guaranteed propagation delay matching between controllers, and fastest turn-off. These products are available in both commercial and extended temperature ranges and in the industry's smallest packages.

Technical Documentation


Technical Documentation

Technical Documents

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Pasadena (MAXREFDES31#): 3.3V and 5V PoE Powered Device

Pasadena (MAXREFDES31#) subsystem reference design is a compact, high-performance, IEEE® 802.3af...

Low-EMI, Active-Clamped Forward, Class 4 Powered Device (PD) Provides High-Efficiency Solution for PoE Applications

IEEE® 802.3af/at compliant for a highly efficient and low-EMI, active-clamped forward, ideal for...

Active-Clamped Forward, Dual-Output PD Provides High-Performance Solution for PoE Applications

Active-clamped forward, dual output, 55W powered device. The RD is IEEE® 802.3at compliant, cost...

High-Efficiency, Low Cost Flyback Converter Uses No Optocoupler Feedback

Article describes a reference design for a 12V Class 3 powered device (PD) that is IEEE 802.3af/...

High-Performance Class 2 Powered Device (PD) is Customizable for Class 3 Designs

Article describes a reference design for a dual-output, 3V and 5V Class 2 powered device (PD) th...

Wide Input Flyback Converter Features 5V at 2.6A Output

Highly efficient, flyback, 5V powered device (PD) with a 9V to 57V input. Fully compliant with t...

Reference Design for the MAX5073 Dual Buck Converter Operating at a Switching Frequency of 2MHz

Detail application of the MAX5073 used in a dual converter application with a 2MHz switching fre...

Isolated Power Supplies for Telecom Applications

Using a low-cost high-side precision current monitor to prevent excessive load currents from dam...

Overcurrent Monitor Operates up to 26V

This circuit provides overcurrent protection for supply-rail voltages to +26V.