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mgineer Blog
High-Speed Serial Links for High-Performance ADAS Solutions
Crafty Engineers Create COVID-19 Monitoring Devices with Arduino Boards and Maxim ICs
Download App for Essential Analog IC Information On-the-Go
When Smarter Gets Smaller, Only a Dual-Core Micro Will Do
What Can You Create with Frequency Synthesizers?
How Fast and Safe Will 5G Wireless Networks Be
These Industrial Communications ICs are Oldies but Goodies for Good Reason
DIY Engineering Projects for Your Valentine
Why Embedded Systems Designers Should Care About OpenSSL
Balancing Power Demands of High-Voltage Automotive Power Applications
PUF Technology Protects Against Invasive Attacks
Safer Electric Vehicles Start with a Fast, Accurate Battery Management System
Simplify Vehicle Head Unit Design with Maxim’s Radio Tuner Solution
Moving Toward Value-Based Healthcare Using Wearables and Patient-Generated Data
A Smarter Way to Design Touchscreens
Want to Avoid Counterfeiting?
Ultra-Small Wearable Healthcare Design Platform
Solving EMI Challenges in LED Headlamps
embedded world 2017
Engineering is for Dummies
See & Hear Maxim Technologies at Mobile World Congress
Keeping Cars Safe and Reliable Via ISO 26262 Certification
Shade-Proof Your Solar with Maxim Solar Cell Optimizers
MakeWithMaxim Design Contest
To IO-Link and Beyond!
How 3D Printers Help You Evaluate ICs
Optical Networking Technologies OFC 2017
How You Can Help Bring 20.8 Billion Connected Things Into the World
Reference Designs Go Beyond the IC, Become Complete Systems
Industry 4.0 is Coming on Strong, and Analog Integration is a Major Beneficiary
Putting the power of Industry 4.0 in your Pocket
Battery fuel gauge ICs do more
Reference Designs: Game Changers for Complex Projects
Why Hackers Can’t Wait to Get Into Your New Car
Your Home Might Be Smarter—But How Secure Is It from Hackers?
What’s Your Favorite IoT Platform? Vote Today!
Achieving Fast, Accurate Fault Detection on Smart Electricity Grid
Fitness/Wellness Wearables Reference Design Saves Development Time and Effort
Simplifying Design of Pulse Rate/Blood-Oxygen Wearables
Don’t Design the Next Useless IoT Gadget
Exactly What the Doctor Ordered: Cars that Monitor Their Own Health and Yours
Maxim Highlights Auto, Wearable Healthcare Tech at CES
Cut 6 Months Off Health Application Design Cycle
Ants Have Their Own Smart Cities—Why Can’t We?
Proximity Sensing Made Easier
Get Longer Battery Life By Lowering Quiescent Current
Eat Pie and Win a Dev Board
Why System Monitoring ICs Are Good Analog Insurance
Who is nanoMan?
Why Now Is the Time to Consider Wired Interface Solutions
Get to Market Quickly with Your Secure Wearable Health Designs
Why Powerline Communications is Great for Noisy Industrial Environments
How Factory Automation Can Support Reshoring
Don’t Become the Next Hacking Headline
One Smart Design: Low IQ Boost Converter
A Look at the Future of Wearable Healthcare Design
Camera Interfaces Critical to ADAS System Design
Reduce Calibration Costs for Industrial Process Control
Making Smart Energy Even Smarter Via nanoPower Technology
Safeguard IoT Designs with Holistic Approach to Security
Keeping Hackers Away from Your POS Terminals
Webinar: Learn Why It’s Smart to Have a Low IQ
Why Sensors Are the Next Big Thing
Building a Self-Balancing Robot with Feature-Rich Featherboard
Helping You Create Rugged, Long-Lasting Mil/Aero Designs
Why You Can’t Afford to Overlook Design Security
Learn Ways to Improve Power Efficiency—Free Seminar
Are Machines Taking Over?
Are You Doing Enough to Build Trust in Our Connected World?
Aggies Invent: 48 Hours from Idea to Prototype
IoT World: From IoT Patterns to Blockchain Security
Building the Self-Aware Digital Factory
Better Battery Runtimes Without Characterization
Driving Greater Performance and Safety from Advanced Automotive Lighting
How Secure ICs Protect Data in Transit in IoT Devices
Learn 3 Key Ways to Lock In Security for Your IoT Design
Recloser Controllers Maintain Smart Grid Uptime
Operate Your Design from a Single Battery, with the Right Converter
Show Your Engineering Ingenuity in Summer of Love Contest
Want Your Oven to Play Your Favorite U2 Song?
Choosing the Right Power Management ICs for Automotive Designs
Designing Hearables? Tiny PMICs Boost Battery Life
Designing Accurate, Wearable Optical Heart Rate Monitors
Protect Your Medical Device Endpoints with Secure Authenticators
Are Your Power Supplies Doing the Job?
Tesla Switching to PMAC Synchronous Drive Motor for Model 3
nanoMan Says: Use This Power Design Simulation Tool
How Fast Can You Solve This Crossword Puzzle?
Why Not Design a Smaller PLC?
5 Blog Posts You Don’t Want to Miss
Q&A: Maxim's Randall Wollschlager on Designing the Future Car
Simplify Power Circuit Design with Simulation
How Medical Wearables Enhance Quality of Life
IO-Link Handbook Presents Primer on Designing Sensors and Masters
ELIV 2017: Learn Ways to Design Safer, Smarter Cars
Advancing Safety and Infotainment for Cars of Today and the Future
How PA Linearization Solves Key Challenge for Remote PHY Fiber Nodes
What It Takes to Deliver Safer, Smarter Cars
Many Technologies Are Vying for Your IoT Wide Area Network Design
Are Your IoT Devices Immune to Cyberattacks?
Machine Learning Club Drives Data Science Demand
Designing Tiny, Connected Products? Don’t Miss this Webinar
How Factory Automation Can Support Reshoring
How Can We Create One Trillion Connected Devices?
Modular System Speeds Up IoT Design Cycle
Keep Designs Cool with a Tiny, Low-Power Temperature Sensor
Circuit Protection You Might Not Have Thought About
You Can’t Steal a Key that Isn’t There
See Demos of Turnkey Security ICs at TRUSTECH
Synchronous Switching Regulators: Talk Time or Standby Time?
5 Ways Solar Power Usage Will Change By 2037
What Kind of World Will One Trillion Connected Devices Produce?
Can We Fix the Cybersecurity Mess?
Three Great Personal Gadgets for Engineers
Secure TLS in Connected Devices with a Companion Security IC
Are There One Trillion Things to Connect?
Maxim to Demo High-Speed SerDes Links and More at CES 2018
Achieve Precision Control of Vibration for Wearables
Secure Microcontrollers Safe from Spectre and Meltdown Flaws
How to Stop an Invasive Attack on Your Design
Smaller, Lower Power 4-20mA Sensor Transmitters for Industrial Equipment
Prevent Battery Counterfeiting with Secure Fuel Gauges
Applying Peak Current Mode Control for High Performance in Switching Regulators
The Story Behind the iButton
Meeting Big Demands for Power in Small Devices
The Jedi Master – Cyber-Physical Systems and Industrial Convergence
A Quick Look at Using NFC to Protect Your System
Get Technical Tips from Maxim in the Lab Videos
How to Use Your Battery Fuel Gauge to Build Customer Trust
Sustaining the IoT—What Will This Take?
With Reference Designs, No Need to Reinvent the Wheel
AM Radio in Your Electric Vehicle? Not Always
Get Technical Tips from Maxim Unfiltered Videos
How Digital Health Technologies Enable Better Preventive Care
A Look at the Latest Battery Technology from Tesla
#MakewithMaxim Inspires Engineering Inventiveness
Extend Vehicle Driving Range with Accurate Battery Management System
Plug-and-Play Power in a Compact Package? You've Come to the Right Place
Powering Motor Encoders and Resolvers
Kids Invent Their Future at Upcoming Invention Convention
Catch this Webinar If You're Designing Hearables and Wearables
Flow Battery Technologies for Utility-Scale Systems
High-Speed Serial Links for ADAS and Infotainment
Got an IoT Design Idea? Enter Our Contest
Powering WiFi This and WiFi That
Meet DARWIN, a New Breed of Microcontrollers for the IoT
Which Type of Analog Hero Are You?
How Security ICs Address New Medical Device Regulations
Deminar: 3 Ways that Analog ICs Can Strengthen Your Design
On-Demand Webinar: Hardware Security with PUF Technology
The Beauty of Precision Op Amps
Kid Inventors Showcase STEM Skills at California Invention Convention
Why Your Audio DAC or Digital Amp Should Spec Dynamic Range Instead of SNR
Increase Motion Control System Accuracy with Higher Performance RS-485 Transceivers
Designing Secure, Scalable Contactless Payment Systems
High-Bandwidth Serial Links for Safer Cars
Keeping an Eye on Battery SOC in Wearables and Hearables
Get High-Speed USB Port Protection for Industrial Voltages
Don’t Worry – Isolate All Those Digital Signals
Keep Tabs on Essential Electronic Loads with Supervisory ICs
Optical Sensing Opens New Opportunities in Healthcare
LED Bulb Inspires Creation of Maintenance-Free Cybernetic House
A Better Listening Experience Starts with the Right Stereo Audio Codec
Quieting the Noise: Meeting EMI Standards in Power Supply Designs
Making Sweet Music with Raspberry Pi
Putting Intelligence in the IoT
Got a Wearable Health Design Idea? Here’s How to Make It Accurate
What Will You Create with Optical Biosensors?
How Can We Power Our Invisible Intelligence?
Keeping the IoT Safe from Hackers
Idea to IoT Product in Just Days? Talk to zGlue
Regulate Car Battery Voltages for ADAS Applications
Open-Source Framework Detects Memory Corruptions in Embedded Software
Stop Straining Your Portables—Refine Your Power Strategies
Choosing the Best Type of Temperature Sensor
How to Stop Physical Tampering of Mobile POS Systems
Summertime Fun Outside the Classroom
Do You Trust Your Smart Medical Device?
Can You Create an Energy-Efficient VR Headset?
nanoMan Meets DARWIN—and Powerful Things Happen
Consider Your WLAN Power-Supply Temperature and PCB Size Carefully
Why on Earth Don’t You Include a Clock in Your Design?
Reinforced Digital Isolator Ensures Safety in Industrial Environments
CAN Bus Continues Its Grand Popularity – in Automotive, IoT, and Automation
Who Had the Winning Project in Our MAX32620FTHR Design Contest?
Reaching for the Golden Ring: 4 Key Elements for Industrial Convergence
4 Ways to Extend Runtime of Small, Battery-Powered Electronics
How Are You Managing Thermal Requirements of Shrinking Industrial Sensors?
Accurate, Wrist-Based Heart-Rate Monitoring—Six Months Faster
Getting a Finger on the Pulse of Well-Being
LED Controllers Make Headlight System Design a Snap
Smaller, Smarter, and More Powerful ICs—It’s All at electronica 2018
Managing Low and High LED Currents for Matrix and Pixel Lighting
An Ideal Diode Can Be an Engineer’s Best Friend
Bring Intelligence to the Edge of the Digital Factory
7 Key Steps to Empowering Innovation
Empowering Secure PIN-on-Glass Payments at TRUSTECH 2018
Engineering Intern Creates Heat-Sensing Robot with LoRa Technology
So Many Smart Devices, So Many Security Vulnerabilities
Why Embedded Systems Designers Should Care About OpenSSL
CES 2019 Preview
Secure Authenticators Protect Artificial Pancreas
A Simple Way to Increase Factory Uptime
Simpler, More Efficient Secure Companion ICs for the IoT
Secure Provisioning Platform Makes It Easier to Protect IoT Designs
University Students Gain Industry 4.0 Experience with Smart Factory Demo
Want Traffic Updates from Your Toilet?
Want Your Battery-Powered Devices to Run Longer? Here’s How.
Why Embedded Systems Designers Should Care About OpenSSL
5 Cool Gadgets that Engineers Might Want to Unwrap
An Insider's View of Analog Artistry at electronica 2018
One Way to Replace Power Rail Clusters in Small Electronic Devices
Engineers Had Better Be Careful with Algorithms and AI
Makers Make the Most of Analog ICs
Get Inspired to Think Big and Design Small
How LED Backlight Drivers Enable Bigger, Higher Resolution Automotive Displays
How IoT Sensors Help Ensure Freshness and Quality of Perishables
Fish Tanks Don’t Need Security—Unless They’re Part of the IoT
How Manufacturing Systems Can Evolve to Enable the Industrial IoT
Committed to a Smarter, More Sustainable Future
Squeeze More Out of Your Portable Electronics
Cook Up Something Yummy for Pi Day
Happy Birthday, James Kirk
Using Optical Sensors to Detect Particles
You Be the Judge of Creative Student Inventors
Maxim Is Going to the Dogs in 2020
Designing for USB-C Just Got Easier
Tiny, Power-Efficient IO-Link Transceiver for IIoT Designs
How Ceramic Voltage References Enhance Long-Term Drift Performance
What’s Needed to Implement Today’s Industrial IoT Architecture
How Security Supervisors Safeguard IoT Devices
On-Demand Webinar: Your FPGA Design Starts with the Right Power Supply
Digital Instrument Clusters: Why Functional Safety is Important
Channel Your Engineering Ingenuity for Star Wars Day
How Will the Industrial IoT Architecture Evolve
New Power Management Design Guides for Smart Buildings and Smart Factories
Get Better Performance from Your ADAS Camera Systems
How to Save Time and Space with Power Supply Designs
Reference Designs: Designed, Built, and Tested—So You Won’t Have To
Understand How Physically Unclonable Function Technology Can Benefit Your Design
Meet Vehicle Emissions Standards with Supervisory and Watchdog-Timer ICs
How to Derive More System Efficiency from Battery-Powered Designs
Higher Throughput at Lower Cost for Semiconductor Testing
Sensors Expo: See Wearable Healthcare Technologies in Action
4 Reasons to Register for a Free Design Startup Pack
How to Efficiently Power Tiny Industrial Sensors
Don’t Go Breaking Your Heart to Add ECG to Your Wearable
What You Need to Know About Battery Management Challenges
System Loads Are No Match for This Current-Sense Amplifier
Power Conversion Efficiency for Portable Designs
Why Authenticators SHOULD be THE Key to Your Smart Lock
Can Wearables Get People Off the Couch
How Dynamic Voltage Scaling Saves Power in Wearables
Can Wearables Reduce Healthcare Costs?
How to Get Louder, Richer Sound from Micro Speakers
When Is a Digital Output Not Just a Digital Output? When It’s Also a Digital Input!
3 Reasons to Use a Discrete Real-Time Clock in Your Wearable Design
How to Minimize Power in Clocking Applications
Are Sensor Clones Stealing Away Your Customers?
Maxim Summer Interns Showcase Their Technical Talents
What’s Driving Industry 4.0?
Breakout Boards Give You a Head Start on Your Design
RS-485 Just Got a Major Stamina Boost!
Why Shrinking Sizes of RTCs Is Good News for Your Portable Designs
The Ins and Outs of Voltage Supervisor ICs
See If You Can Steal These Keys
How Power Management ICs Support Smart Buildings
How Analog ICs Fuel Wireless IoT Sensors
Drive HB LEDs to Brighter Heights for Automotive Applications and More
nanoPower Technology Translates into Happy Users
Smartphone for Seniors Gets Smarter with Health Monitoring
Deliver Accurate Battery SOC Data from Your Wireless Android Headphones
Like a Good Wine, These Industrial Communications ICs Get Better Over Time
5 Ways a MyMaxim Account Enhances Productivity
Simple Yet Effective – Never Underestimate the Usefulness of the Humble Comparator!
Look Ma, the Battery Has Wheels!
Are Your Car Battery Packs in Danger of Failing?
CCCamp Badge is More than an Entry Ticket – It’s a Sensor-Rich Reference Design
5 Ways a MyMaximAir Guitar Gets Real with These Electronic Instruments Account Enhances Productivity
Stress Your Power Supply, Not Yourself
How to Drive Micro Speakers to Their Maximum Power Rating
How to Get Accurate In-Ear Heart-Rate and SpO2 Monitoring
Scare Up Some Electronic Tricks and Treats This Halloween
How Wearables Can Become a More Integral Part of Healthcare
Why Long Battery Life is the Lifeblood of Thread IoT Sensors
Keep Perishables Safe with Reliable Temperature Monitoring
Ask Michael: How Do I Make My High-Current Sensor IO-Link Compatible?
PUI Audio Delivers Clean, Clear Sound from Tiny Speakers
Ask Michael: Swipe Right for the Isolated Gate Driver That’s a Perfect Match for GaN/SiC Switches
See How Click Boards Make It Quick to Evaluate Real Time Clock ICs
Future of Industrial Automation Demos at Embedded World

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